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Think about the interactions that captivate you:
the on-stage performance

the on-stage performance where you jump up and sing along with the band.

the conversational vendor

the conversational vendor sales pitch that has you leaning forward to participate.

the visit with a colleague whose stories keep you laughing and wanting more.

What makes those engagements compelling?
You connect with the content because it’s meaningful to you.
The experience leaves you feeling rewarded.
Your participation builds a relationship with the other party.
Your enjoyment makes you want more encounters
The pacing and delivery of the content capture your attention.
The Vudu website wizards and grandmasters infuse your website design with characteristics that:
attract your target audience
deliver an outstanding experience
convert visitors into customers who return for more!

Let’s create YOUR remarkable website!

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Secrets of Extraordinary Websites
People rarely read a website page. People rarely read a website page.

They scan it, looking for relevant or exciting headlines or images, and when something captures their attention, they click!

Website visits aren’t linear. Website visits aren’t linear.

People will hop from one section of a website to another and use their intuition to find the most reasonable option that seems to meet their needs.

Ready to collaborate with a team who can (almost) read customers’ minds?

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Secrets of Extraordinary Websites

The Vudu Digital web design team shares one essential quality with other maestros who know how to delight an audience. We understand how people think!

Quality means more than quality. Quality means more than quality.

A few words and compelling images are more credible (and honest) than a flashy or hyped-up approach.

Everyone is impatient. Everyone is impatient.

Delaying gratification for a big reveal works in a magic show, but not with a website. People want control over their experience and want quick results. If your site’s navigation is difficult or slow, visitors will leave within seconds and are unlikely to return.

Discover How Vudu Digital’s Web Designers Work their Magic!

Unlike the great illusionists...

We will readily reveal the not-so-secret but consistently effective techniques we use to create unique websites.

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Design Information

...for our web design in Belfast.

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Vudu Digital’s Web Designers
We collaborate with you to:
Build a Website Blueprint Build a Website Blueprint

The website blueprint explains why customers will benefit from doing business with you. We use the blueprint to craft the structure of your site, including a navigational plan to make it easy for visitors to find the information they need.

Define your Buyer Personas Define your Buyer Personas

Persona definitions include buyer roles, demographics, priorities, goals, challenges, information watering holes, trigger events to purchase, how they buy, and objections they may raise about choosing you. Knowing your audience helps us produce meaningful, relevant content.

Develop your Brand Voice and Tone Develop your Brand Voice and Tone

Our web designers identify and incorporate the language and imagery that will uniquely reflect your company’s qualities and appeal to your customers. Straightforward, clear speech and bright, attractive imagery make the visit to your site enjoyable.

Typography and Graphics Illuminate Your Story with Typography and Graphics

A clean, eye-catching website design incorporating videos, animation, and icons to tell your story will deliver a memorable experience to visitors. No sleight of hand or trickery here – just the right mix of visuals that enhance your message.

Vudu Digital Website Design Principles

Our website creators follow specific guidelines when designing your site.

Vudu Digital Website Design Principles
We strive to:
Capture attention through organised use of patterns, layouts, and motion.
Tell your story clearly and effectively, using short copy bursts highlighting key messages and giving explicit direction.
Avoid complexity in language and design.
Ensure that every element, including white space, has a distinct purpose.

Let’s create a website that reflects YOUR brand – no templates here! Reach out to our team today

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Vudu Digital Powers Your Website with Technology

We will readily reveal the not-so-secret but consistently effective techniques we use to create unique websites.

Is there a little magic involved? Not really, just a knowledgeable team who monitors advancements in digital technology to bring you the most effective solutions.

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Vudu Digital Powers
We pull back the curtain to address the 3 major technological areas that affect website performance:
We pull back

A website from Vudu Digital is responsive, meaning it will adapt to the user’s environment and deliver consistently across different screen sizes, platforms, and screen orientations.

Speed of Load Time
Speed of Load Time

Our experts employ techniques honed with experience to reduce delays in website visibility. We’ll remove technical impediments, size images appropriately, and identify the right hosting solution for your needs.

Logical Order of Operation
Logical Order of Operation

We take a sensible approach with website design, directing the content to load logically to align with how visitors will use the site. Our goal: enable users to dive in and begin clicking through your website as quickly as possible.

Smooth Interactivity
Smooth Interactivity

Website interactivity acts like a digital hand that escorts visitors through your site. It helps ‘open’ pages, offers easy scrolling, sometimes with animation or videos, and generally provides an enjoyable experience for the user.

And we test early and often, making any necessary modifications to improve performance, and then test again!

Our websites are more than a pretty face for your brand. Contact us to get powerful results!

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Integrations Get in touch

Endless possibilities

It’s not nice to hear no or can’t. We like to say YES to almost anything! Here is a sample of what can be integrated.

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Don’t see the integration you need? Don’t worry, the above is only a sample!

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