Adapt your SEO Strategy to your Business

Posted on 29/10/2013 by VUDU
When the Google giant changes something within the search engine algorithm (such as the Panda or Penguin updates, or the all-new Hummingbird) and the traffic your company relies on drops off the radar, it is time to reconsider the SEO activities for your Belfast business.

Firstly, it is never wise to place all your eggs in one basket in the hands of such fickle behemoths as the search engines—who can change anything they choose on a whim.  It is advisable to ensure that not only is your website search engine optimised (SEO), but also that your site is driving traffic from a number of different channels. This can include content marketing, social media, press releases, offline marketing, geo-marketing, and much more.

Secondly, if you are a Belfast-based business, is your customer base local or do you span a wider geographic area? You should ensure that your site reaches the target audience by identifying the best places to list (and hence be found) by looking at local directories, the local review and mapping sites,  niche directories for your industry sector, and by making connections and developing relationships with your likely audience in Belfast, and beyond.

Thirdly, with the changes brought in by Google Hummingbird, and the need to take a fresh look at SEO, it is never a bad time to consider the content on your website. Determine how this is helping you to achieve your SEO targets, particularly with on-page optimisation. This is the art of getting the right keywords and phrases, as well as citing high quality third party content in the correct areas of your site.

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