Benefits of Website Redesign

Posted on 4/7/2022 by VUDU
Benefits of Website Redesign

What is Web Redesign?

A service that provides a complete website redesign will reconstruct your website from the ground up, beginning with the code and extending to the site's appearance, functionality, and user experience. With a website redesign, you will improve the look and feel of your site, add new features, and ultimately generate better commercial outcomes, an analogy to renovating your office or store.

You may also choose to redesign only the backend or the frontend components of your website. The code in the backend is what makes your website work, while the frontend is what visitors see and interact with.

In today’s digital world, every brand must have a website. Well, not every brand has one, but it is a vital step to own one. Every campaign done digitally is reflected on the website. And while having traffic is a battle won, keeping subscribers and viewers on the page and getting them converted to potential customers is an entirely different field.

Having potential partners and clients is the first impression that your website is doing well. When potential clients look at the website, they will decide whether to ditch the site or invest in it. At a time when the website is outdated and out of place, no one will invest in it. That is the main reason why it is important to keep the website as distinct and fresh as ever.

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

A savvy business owner knows exactly when to redesign. Evaluating comes first. However, most websites are redesigned after two years and a maximum of five years, depending on what the site looks like. The industry, technology changes, and the audience will also dictate when to update your website. Furthermore, whether your site is performing as expected will determine whether it requires a complete overhaul or a refresh.

The Actual Benefits of a Website Redesign

  • Improvement in SEO and Site Performance

Website redesign, just like brand identity revision, ensures the site's performance is optimised with relevant keywords. The right keywords make sure that the website matches the content and that people can find it at the right time on the internet.

  • It Provides Cost-Effectiveness

A redesign is preferred because of the cost. Instead of using up costs on short-term solutions, or band-aids, why not just wait for a full redesign instead? A savvy website owner can take time auditing the site, looking for ways to improve the site and then improving it all at once. Making use of both time and money.

  • User Experience Will Be Improved

Most online users can rarely return to a site where they have a bad experience. It is, therefore, a priority for website owners to ensure their sites are technically fresh. Outdated websites mean there are technical complications and limitations in management. Such technicalities affect the SEO, which will affect the conversion rates. Updates will not only improve site functionality, but also security and overall performance.

  • Responsiveness to Every Screen

Mobile usage continues to become a prevailing medium. In times when websites are functioning, more mobile designs are coming up, and users are changing their designs daily. Every website redesign ensures every screen resolution is involved. The benefit is that the brand can have a unified look that runs across every mobile device, including tablets, desktops, and laptops, without a new website.

  • Reduced Site Speeds

In July 2018, Google released a speed update. Site speeds have become a major ranking factor for search engine results. This means that older websites that use the older version perform slower compared to those running on the new version.

  • Improve Functionality and Content Management

Redesigning your website affords you the chance to assess its present functionality, both for visitors and for the business (front-end and back-end), with the goal of making everyone's lives easier. Changes in technology and style mean that you have to give your site's users relevant information.

For example, your current ecommerce site may require all users to sign up for an account or login before they can make a purchase. But changing this feature to allow purchases by guests could boost sales by making the checkout process much faster.

Alternatively, you may be required to export your orders manually and enter them into your financial software for reconciliation—probably not a difficult operation, but one that requires 15 minutes per day. By increasing the capabilities and directly integrating your in-house finance platform with your website, this data can automatically synchronise, saving you 15 minutes per day; 75 minutes per week; and 65 hours per year (not excluding holidays). What would you do if you had an extra 65 hours?

Control over content is essential for a business since it reduces the requirement for a developer to be available for daily updates and assistance. This decreases your monthly operating expenses and provides you with flexibility and lead time for essential updates such as blog articles and the construction of campaign pages. Therefore, if you need to make regular updates or develop new pages (which you should do for SEO purposes), you will need a stable and dependable content management system such as our custom-built model. 

If your current content management system is hard to use, it might be time to look for an alternative. This is definitely one of the reasons why we think you should consider a website redesign.

  • Improve Brand Perception

This is common sense. We are discussing design, functionality, and the user experience, most importantly. Your website is your storefront, your business identity, and your online digital marketing presence. It should therefore appear and function as well as possible.

Your website must accurately and consistently represent your brand across all platforms. It typically dictates the style of your other channels, so if you get this right, the rest should fall into place.

Consumer trust is directly correlated to brand perception. If you have a clean, professional website that offers a concise user path with a clear message and calls to action, your visitors will not only have a better experience, but they will also respect and trust your brand more.

Your Business Succeeding Could Depend On a Redesign

Website redesigning is not an easy task. It is intimidating, especially for websites that have not undergone such a revamp in a long time. However, doing so benefits your website and brand in the long run. If you feel your site is in need of an update then please contact our team to find out what we can do for you.


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