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Posted on 22/12/2010 by VUDU
2010 saw large advancements in technology, which gave us an insight into what the future of digital marketing will be like. The arrival of tablets such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab have prised people away from their laptops, and the number of smart phones and smart phones users have rocketed. 2011 could be the beginning of the mobile revolution.

Mobile Internet speeds are going to improve dramatically over the next couple of years. In 2011, service providers in the US will be offering 4G devices to operate on 4G (Fourth Generation Wireless). 4G is expected to quickly overtake the current 3G service and become the most mobile internet solution.

3G services currently have a maximum download speed of around 1.5 MBPS. When it is launched, 4G will operate at between 2 MBPS and 12MBPS. And web standards experts believe 4G has the capacity to operate at as much as 100 MBPS in the next few years, 100 MBPS is double the speed of the fastest fibre optic broadband offered in the UK.

4G will therefore revolutionise mobile internet. It will be used for smart phones, tablets and USB dongles, with the possibility of integration within laptops and netbooks. Download speeds will be unbelievably fast, improving user experience dramatically.

How will your business cope?

With the ever increasing number of mobile phone users having smart phones, ensuring your website is mobile compatible and can be viewed correctly on mobile is essential. If your website is not mobile compatible (and there is software available to make sure it is) you can easily rectify it, but if you decide not to, it could prove very costly in the long run as your customers gradually stray away from their desktops and onto their smart phones.

Apps are anticipated to increase in popularity and functionality. Apps are in development, which have simplified payment gateways, meaning products and services will be able to be bought and paid for via apps. Maybe your business could create an app?

We will see huge growth in location based services, some experts argue this could revolutionise marketing. Location based services will basically harness GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies, which are integrated into most smart phones, and use them for a variety of purposes. One option is specific mobile marketing via SMS, potential customers may be sent a text message or a promotion directly to their mobile phone when they approach a shop, encouraging them to visit. It could also be used to send a thank you text message once a customer leaves a shop, with possibly an offer or discount code to encourage them to come back again. SMS marketing is very effective, mainly because the read rate of text messages is 96%!!!

Location based services also have another potential benefit, it will be possible for phones to have a function built in, that prevents you from texting whilst driving. This works very simply, once movement is detected (possibly 6-8mph in case you’re a brisk walker) the text function is deactivated therefore preventing drivers from texting and encouraging them to do what they should be doing and keep their eyes on the road.

Mobile will present numerous opportunities for your business to take advantage of, and most could potentially transform your business! Quality custom web design in Belfast has never been easier than it is today. Get in contact now!

Your business better mobilise, or you’ll get left behind!

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