The Real Time Penguin Algorithm Is Launching Soon ― Are You Ready?

Posted on 27/10/2015 by VUDU
According to a Google spokesperson, the next in a series of Penguin updates is almost certainly going to be rolled out by the end of 2015.

If you are a small or medium sized business looking for SEO companies in Belfast, it’s important for you to know that this latest update will purportedly contain a real-time algorithm—one that will forever change the way search engine results are calculated. Therefore, the company you rely on to take your business safely through this change must have the knowledge and skills to competently do so.

Penguin, which was an algorithm update first released by Google in the spring of 2012, is aimed at stemming the use of unnatural backlinks and other black-hat SEO strategies (link buying and trading, comment spam links, etc.) used by some businesses to improve their site rank in Google searches. This innovative tool forces website owners to carefully consider the quality, volume and content of their page links, or run the risk of being penalised by the search engine behemoth. This is where SEO companies in Belfast with the right experience can be of great assistance to your business.

When the Penguin update was first introduced by Google, SEO clients’ websites were penalised for one reason or another, had to wait until the latest update was rolled out to determine whether or not the improvements they made had a positive effect. This often meant weeks—if not months—of slowed traffic and struggling rankings.

However, the new Penguin real-time algorithm seeks to eradicate this frustrating challenge. Under the new update, our company will be able to run immediate checks on their clients’ websites by either consulting the tools provided by the Google Webmaster or by simply noting any negative changes in the amount of traffic these sites receive. If the sites they govern have been penalised, the company will be able to rapidly make the necessary changes to those sites, thus signalling the Penguin filter that all pertinent issues have been addressed. This will allow flagged websites to recover from any penalties they may have incurred.

For more information about how the Penguin real-time algorithm will affect your business, talk to us today at WSI Digital Web. Our team has global experience and knowledge that we bring to SEO in Belfast and help your business stay ahead of the curve.

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