Achieve Top Ranking with Optimised YouTube Videos

Posted on 14/6/2012 by VUDU
Videos are an important part of content, and given that YouTube is by far the most popular video website, it makes sense to publish quality videos on it.

Your business in Northern Ireland should be using YouTube to host videos that rank well in search results, expand your audience, and generate leads. However, simply uploading a video won’t achieve any marketing goals. To get the marketing results you want, you’ll need to optimise your videos for search engines.

Optimise Your YouTube Videos for Better Online Visibility in Northern Ireland

Here are some tips for optimising your YouTube videos for higher search rankings in Northern Ireland:

  • People want instant gratification, so make videos that are short, sweet, and straight to the point.
  • Since search engine spiders cannot read or comprehend videos, use the text fields to optimise your videos appropriately. Make sure your keywords appear in the title, description, and tags of your video. Maximise the amount of text you can have in these fields.
  • Always allow for comments. User interaction can help increase video views and move you up the YouTube video rankings.
  • You need links from outside pages leading to your YouTube videos. The links should have strong anchor text, with keywords related to your video.
  • YouTube shows 27 characters in the video description before it’s truncated with ‘…’. So include a clickable link to your website within this limit to help refer traffic from your video to your site.

A fully optimised YouTube Channel containing engaging video content will not only provide a powerful, followable link to your website, but will greatly increase views, which will drive more traffic to your website.

Maximise your video marketing effort with WSI Digital Web, the leading SEO company in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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