Converting Blog Engagement into Sales

Posted on 17/5/2012 by VUDU
Building a relevant audience for your blog and connecting with them is important, but the ultimate goal is to move customers and sales leads to the bottom line. How can you convert these blog visitors to sales?

Your business blog can nurture leads and sales in Northern Ireland

  • Keywords are what your customers are using to fi¬nd you. Look at Google Analytics to fi¬nd common words people are using to ¬find your company and products. Don’t forget to hunt for competitor keywords too! Do these phrases match your content subject matter? Be sure to make this a continuous and dynamic process.
  • Is the overall site design geared towards conversion? Understand the buying cycle and help customers find useful content based on where they are in that cycle.
  • Consider your blog as just one piece of an information eco-system constantly pointing sales leads to your products and services. Your blog posts can feed Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook updates.
  • Are your calls-to-action strong enough? YouTube videos and SlideShare properties can be featured on your blog. All should eventually point back to a call to action on your website.
  • Receiving and reacting to leads in real-time is critical to maximizing conversion rates. Speed is the single most critical component to lead conversion.

WSI Digital Web is a leading website design company in Belfast, Northern Ireland that can help you optimise your Internet marketing campaign and generate more sales through online engagement.

Contact us today and learn how to make your blogs contribute to your online marketing, improve traffic, conversions and sales for your business in Ireland.

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