Enhance the Online Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Posted on 1/6/2012 by VUDU
In this age of smart-phone and mobile devices with on-the go access to the Internet, you need to do everything possible to keep your e-commerce customers in Northern Ireland engaged, entertained, and satisfied.

If they are happy with your services, they’ll write good reviews, they’ll “like” you online, they’ll happily promote you in their social circles, and keep coming back for more.

Stay ahead of your e-commerce competition in Northern Ireland

Here are some ways in which you can enrich the online shopping experience for your customers:

  • Web presence and social media are key elements of the online shopping experience. Prospective customers would already have been to different consumer touch points like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, FAQs, and online reviews before making the purchase decision. Be involved with social media as much as possible. You have to see and be seen i.e. communicate and comment; and be one of them.
  • Use offers extensively to stay ahead of the competition. There are many techniques and tools for enticing the customer: product promotions, price promotions, free shipping, coupons, social media, advertising, customer affinity programs, specials, testimonials, and direct mailings. You may want to use some of them at various times to help your online selling.
  • Provide tools and information that are fun and will aid the purchases. Suggest wine pairings and food combinations; give the customer creative ideas of how to use a product; recipes that will fit almost every taste. Use photos and videos that explain product usage. Offer the capability to mix-n-match online; give style or colour variations, choices, and usage tips.

WSI Digital Web is a leading e-commerce web design company in Belfast, Northern Ireland that can help you make your business irresistible to online shoppers.

Contact us today for more information on how to optimize your online store or e-commerce site in Northern Ireland.

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