Forecast Your Traffic To Judge SEO Work Required

Posted on 24/10/2013 by VUDU
Your position in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) will substantially affect how likely it is that your link will be clicked upon by searchers.

By optimising pages for specific terms, you can work your way up into the top positions, but this takes work. You need to ensure you are using your time and budget on the right pages to produce optimum results.

The top three organic search positions for any term will receive around two thirds of all search traffic with number one receiving approximately 42%, number two receiving 12% and the third position receiving around 8.5%. In comparison, being the number ten result (bottom of the first page of the SERPs) will only yield around 2.3% of the traffic for that search term.

Peter Wilson, SEO expert for Belfast-based WSI Digital Web explains, “You can estimate how much additional traffic will come from SEO work on any keyword or phrase. It usually makes more sense to optimise for high traffic terms than low traffic and unpopular terms, although strong long tail terms can often bring in consistent traffic over time. Checking Analytics logs is also a great way to judge the best keywords to optimise for your audience.”

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