QDF ― Keep Your Website Fresh And Up To Date For SEO

Posted on 25/10/2013 by VUDU
QDF – Query Demands Freshness – is an important part of SEO. It means that websites optimised for certain keywords will automatically rank more highly if the content on the site is fresh, up to date, with recent content added than those which have not been changed for some time.

“Adding quality, original content regularly is a must if you wish to keep your target audience engaged, and the search engines regard QDF as a weighty factor in their algorithms,” says Peter Wilson, of Belfast-based WSI Digital Web,  “So, writing new content and freshening up your site  is a double win – both for your website visitors and for your SEO.”

  • Use a dynamic content platform such as a blog to easily add new content and make sure you are marketing all your content across multiple platforms for best SEO results.
  • Check your old content regularly. Do not remove a page entirely as you may lose some long tail traffic. Instead add a link to newer content or redirect with a 301 or 302.
  • Also, run checks on the keywords you have optimised for. If a site with older content is showing above you, it is time for a little SEO work on that page to bring it up to date.

Creating quality, keyword rich content is an important SEO task with multiple benefits – update your website today!

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