A Great Day Out in Belfast

Posted on 21/1/2013 by VUDU
You’re planning on going to Belfast Northern Ireland but aren’t quite sure what to do as far as entertainment, sightseeing, and food. You want to know what would make a great day out for your first visit to this historical city.
Here you will find a comprehensive list of what sights to see, the best pubs to visit, and what entertainment to take it. Let us take the wheel and create an agenda for your day in Belfast for you!

6 Things To Do That Make A Great Day in Belfast

1. Start Your Morning off with Breakfast

The most important meal of the day in a new city should be a great experience. The Beringer has a 4.5 star rating on trip advisor. The food receives rave reviews, and they have vegetarian options on their menu making it the perfect place to start your day off right with the perfect breakfast. Most importantly, their coffee gets rave reviews as well, and a great cup of coffee to start your day is a guarantee for a great day in Belfast.

2. Take a Hike!

After having a big breakfast what better way to work off those calories than taking a hike, and enjoying all the beautiful natural scenery that this amazing city has to offer. The Belfast Viewpoint home to the Divis and Black Mountain will give you breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. The viewpoint is home to lush green grass, multiple walking trails, and lots of different wildlife. You can enjoy nature with the city skyline in the background. After taking this scenic hike you will feel at one with nature, and rejuvenated to take on the rest of the city.

3. Do Some Shopping

In the city of there is market equipped with fresh produce, crafts, and gifts for you to take home with you after your trip. The name of this wonderous place is the St. George Market. It is popular with both the locals and tourists alike. Here you can even pick up a lite lunch because there are food vendors there too. In this market place you will find things that you may not find anywhere else, and you will get to experience the real culture that exists.

4. Take In Some History

You may not know this but the Titanic came to fruition in the city of Belfast. Recently, the Titanic-Belfast opened to the public. Here you can find the history of where this famous ship was created along with other ships that have come from the city. You will learn everything from the famous Irish craftsmen ship that was used when it came to creating the ship down to where the wreckage was found. Here you will get a piece of history that you cannot get anywhere else. You can learn more about Belfast here.

5. Sporting Events

A new stadium for the Ulster Rugby team recently opened. This is undoubtedly the one place you don’t want to skip visiting when you go to Belfast. Rugby is an event you definitely want to see in person, in this stadium you can cheer along with the other fans of the team and feel like a citizen of this beautiful city. While it might sound like a tourist-y thing to do, rugby is a big deal in Northern Ireland and while in Northern Ireland do as they do. It will definitely round out your day.

6. End the Day With A Pint

Now that you’ve experienced a lot of what the city has to offer, it is only best to finish off the day with a pint at the famous Kelly’s Pub. This pub is the most traditional place in the city and you will get the real Irish drinking experience. Kelly’s was built in the 1700’s and hasn’t changed a bit in the time it has been open, so not only will you finish your full day with a great drink you will get to soak in some history too.
These six things are just the surface of what Belfast has to offer you. Luckily, doing these things will give you a well rounded day. For a great day out in Belfast you get to enjoy the scenery, enjoy some rugby, get a history lesson, and most importantly enjoy a pint in a historical venue that you won’t experience anywhere else. Do these things and it is guaranteed you will have a day to remember in Northern Ireland.

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