Increase Online Sales by Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Posted on 2/12/2015 by VUDU
It is always an advantage to have a strong understanding of the problems and concerns that keep your customers up at night. Your face-to-face sales people often undergo rigorous training to understand consumer behaviour and better connect with prospects and clients. It is also important to apply the same principles to online sales.

While web pages may be a less dynamic part of the sales cycle, they are more often becoming the primary point of contact for customers now. Attracting qualified online traffic to your Belfast business and personalizing visitor experiences will help drive more sales and repeat customers.

Consumer Behaviour Principles to Boost Lead Generation and Online Sales

Use SEO copywriting and all varieties of digital content to its fullest potential and increase online sales by applying these consumer behaviour principles to your website:

  • Address needs and provide information: No matter what type of product or service you are selling, there are no doubt countless other options on the market. The first stage of consumer behaviour involves identifying a need and seeking information, often in the form of research online, to evaluate which option is best suited to their needs. Make sure your website is using the right SEO strategies in order to appear in customers’ search results. If your website does not appear in the first or second page of search results, they are unlikely to consider you as an option. Provide all relevant information about the products or services. If the customer can’t find out what they want to know, they are likely to look elsewhere. Information including build, size, quality, customer reviews, service details, shipping and ordering options should be obvious on your product or service pages. Price should be clear or, if you provide quotes for a service, it should be an easy process for interested parties to request one.
  • Understand the type of buying decisions your product or service warrants: People make different types of purchases and the complexity of decision-making, research and buying stages will depend on the type of product or service they are shopping for. Have a strong understanding of where your goods fall on the spectrum. For example, if you are selling socks, most customers will have low-involvement buying decisions, but if you are selling DSLR cameras, customers are more likely to have high-involvement choices. Knowing if customers on your website are making impulse purchases or are doing research to compare options can help you design your web pages to suit their needs. Use language that creates a sense of urgency and highlighting sale prices may be best for impulse shoppers, while emphasis on warranty options and more product information will help highly involved buyers appreciate your expertise and make a decision. Look at the search terms that are bringing customers to your website and focus on providing content, promotions and design layouts that will make it easier for them to say ‘yes’ to their buying decisions.

If you are looking to boost online sales using consumer behaviour research, our website designers and digital marketing specialists at WSI Digital Web can help. We offer a variety of online marketing services in Belfast, Northern Ireland that are focused on providing results. To increase online sales through design or for advanced SEO/SEM strategies, contact our experienced team in Belfast today.

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