Don’t Let Holiday Shopping Crash Your e-Commerce Site ― Switch to Magento

Posted on 1/12/2015 by VUDU
Customers are deciding in larger and larger numbers that braving the shopping malls and busy sidewalks are not worth their time and energy. Shopping online has become the preference for many shoppers and, just like the stores, e-Commerce websites have to be able to handle an influx of traffic during the holiday season.

If your company’s website is operating with an outdated e-commerce platform, it can prove frustrating for customers and ultimately lead to a loss of sales. Do not take chances this holiday season! The Magento e-Commerce platform is an easy-to-use solution that is reliable and can handle hordes of online shoppers.

Magento is one of the leading e-Commerce solutions available, in part because of its flexible content management system (CMS). Whether you have a wide variety of products or a few curated options, the flexibility of the platform allows it to be customized to suit your needs. Plus, it provides great opportunities for your company’s future, giving you the option to expand or reduce product lines with ease.

The platform is also open-source, providing a cost-effective option that does not sacrifice power or customization. Without licensing fees, you can afford to put more money into advertising or website design that can properly showcase your unique products. Despite its affordability, Magento offers a range of features beyond basic functionality. Some options include wish lists, email lists and multi-store functions that help customers get the best experience possible for holiday shopping and into the New Year.

The increase of online shoppers before and during the holidays also means an increase in mobile shoppers. People using their smartphones and tablets to browse your online store won’t have to deal with odd configurations or illegible product descriptions when you switch to Magento. The platform provides responsive, mobile friendly options to keep your customers satisfied no matter how they access your online store.

Give your customers from Belfast and around the world the best online shopping experience this holiday season by updating your e-Commerce platform to Magento. Leave delayed loading times, glitch-ridden shopping carts and crashing websites in the past. Help your customers find and buy the perfect gifts with ease.

Our digital marketing experts at WSI Digital Web can help your company install and customize Magento to meet your needs. Contact us in Northern Ireland to start offering the best e-Commerce experience for your customers today.

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