Making Your Landing Pages Convert

Posted on 30/11/2015 by VUDU
You have already overcome a huge barrier by getting a potential client or customer to your landing page. You have cut through the noise of the Internet and grabbed their attention. But now that you have their coveted attention, are you converting those clicks into qualified leads and sales for your Belfast business?

3 Tips: Using Landing Page Design to Increase Conversions

Small landing page design changes can have a big impact on how well your website performs. These three tips can help you transform your landing page into an effective online sales tool that works for you.

1. Simplify: Online visitors want to find the information they are looking for quickly and won’t spend much time sifting through unnecessary details. Use bullet points to help them skim key points, and make the page easy to navigate. Eliminate excess images and any copy that does not communicate new information. Clutter will distract from the value and end-goal that you are trying to make visitors achieve.

2. CTA is everything: Your call to action (CTA) is the most important part of the page. Make sure it is placed above the fold so that people can complete the action right away. It should stand out, using contrasting (but complementary) colours or other design elements that call attention to the action. Keep the language short and use action words when possible. Make it obvious what you want the visitor to do and what will happen once they complete the desired action. If they have to work to understand the CTA or see its value, it probably won’t perform very well. The CTA is also a great way to test your PPC campaign landing pages; changing the word or colour of a button can help you see what works for your customers and how future landing pages can be optimized for higher conversions.

3. Focus on them: Speak to your audience in a way that shows you know what their needs are and that you are fully qualified to fulfil them. Understand your prospects and their concerns, and provide relevant and timely solutions. It can be helpful to outline the demographics of your customers and even create buyer personas. It is important so that you are writing in a way that connects with the right people and provides value, not just to have information available to the unknown masses of the Internet. Your landing page should outline how your product or service is unique and better than competitors, but more than that, it should focus on how the visitor will benefit from choosing your offer.

Still unsure why your online marketing pages are not converting? Turn to the website design experts in Belfast, Northern Ireland at Vudu to help make your landing pages work for you. We offer a range of online marketing services and have extensive experience creating conversion architecture. To increase lead generation and conversions, contact the digital marketing experts in Belfast today.

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