It’s Futile to Build a Website without a Marketing Budget

Posted on 30/10/2015 by VUDU
Whether you build a website for a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation, attempting to launch and operate that site without a marketing budget is akin to producing a television commercial without buying any airtime.

As a leader in business SEO & social media marketing we advise our clients that a marketing budget is essential to profitability and growth. We have seen that far too many companies fail to allocate sufficient financial resources to marketing, or even worse, spend those resources haphazardly.

As you will hear from industry experts, knowing how much to spend on online marketing is important, but even more critical is knowing how to spend that money. This means having a well thought out marketing plan, of which your online marketing budget is a major component. Your marketing plan will, among other things, outline all of the costs your small business will need to incur in order to achieve your marketing goals within a certain time frame.

So how exactly do you calculate your marketing budget? Many of the SEO companies in Belfast may advise their customers to allocate a given percentage of their actual or projected gross revenues—usually 2-3 percent for regular operating marketing and up to 3-5 percent for start-up marketing (such as optimising your website to help customers find you online). However, the actual allocation for marketing should depend on a number of factors, including industry type, business size and real or projected growth rate. Naturally, your marketing costs will be somewhat higher than established businesses in your industry during the early brand-building years, sometimes as high as 20 percent of your real or projected sales. Businesses that fail to properly market their website, both during and after the initial start-up phase, will find it not just difficult, but nearly impossible, to attract customers and achieve success.

As you can see, marketing your small business website with the assistance of trusted Belfast SEO companies is crucial to your success. Today, the majority of potential customers turn first to the Internet for their retail needs, but only a small minority will venture past the initial page of search results. A proper marketing budget can help improve your online visibility and transform your website into a lead generating, revenue driving machine.

For more information regarding the importance of having a digital marketing budget, please contact Vudu Digital today. Our hard-working team is always willing to lend our expertise with to assure the success of your business online.

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