Reasons To Start Using HTML5

Posted on 3/10/2014 by VUDU
You are still not using HTML5 huh? Well, you might have your own valid reasons such as you are out of touch or you are just so in love with XHTML code.

Well, while you might give yourself all these reasons, you should know that HTML5 is the future of web design. And the earlier that you start using it the better and easier it will be for you in the future.

You probably are aware that HTML5 has changed the way web design is done. The question that you might have though is… how? Well, to help you answer this question, the following are some of the benefits that HTML5 brings and puts on the table. And hopefully these benefits will draw you in to HTML5 web design.


First and foremost, HTML5 makes the creation of highly accessible sites very easy and fun altogether. This is possible because of semantics and ARIA. The HTML headings allow the screen users to access the content on the site easily.

Before with the previous version of html, screen readers did not have a way to determine what a particular

was even with the option of assigning Classes or IDs. However, with the new semantics, the screen reader can easily examine the HTML document as well as create an even better experience for the end users.

ARIA on the other hand is a spec of W3C that is used for the most part used to assign specific roles to certain elements that may appear in a HTML5 document – create landmarks that are important on the page such as the footer, header, article or navigation through the roles. This has for a while been over looked. However, HTML5 validates these attributes.

Audio and Video support

Forget about using third party players and the flash players. You can get to make your audio as well as your videos more accessible with the use of the new HTML5 and tags. Making media accessible to the users has for many web developers been a nightmare.

You had to use the as well as the tag to assign a list of parameters just to get them to be visible and to work in the right way. HTML5 however gets rid of the huge and nasty chunks of code that are very confusing. You basically treat it just like an image. It is that easy.

Cleaner code

If you are a coder who is very passionate about having code that is elegant, simple and easy to read, then HTML5 is the best choice for you. HTML5 will allow you to write very descriptive as well as clear code that allows you to separate the content and style from the meaning.


One of the best things about the new HTML5 is its storage feature. It is more of a cross between the client side database and the old cookies. This is way is much better than the cookies as they allow for storage on multiple windows, has better performance as well as security. This will allow the data to persist even after the browser window has been closed. And given that the fact that it is client based, you do not have to worry about the users deleting the cookies.

Better interactions

Every internet user wants a site that has very good interactions and can respond to you. With the previous version of HTML, a lot of coding had to be done. However, with the HTML5, the tag allows you to do most of the animation and achieve a lot more interactive possibilities. Aside from the tag, there are many more APIs that will also allow you the coder to develop a more dynamic website.


It is without a doubt that mobile technology is by the day getting more popular. Given this fact, there is a growing number of people visiting the internet using mobile devices. Given this, developing responsive mobile compatible sites is a must.

HTML5 is the best tool that can help coders to develop mobile sites as well as applications. And given that Adobe has recently announced the death of mobile flash, coders will have to rely on HTML5 for mobile web app development.

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