SEO Company Secrets You Need to Know

Posted on 21/4/2017 by VUDU
SEO Company Secrets
Searching for an SEO company for your online marketing has obviously led you here. There could be many reasons why you landed at this page. Such as…
  • Looking for better search engine optimisation for your website.
  • You need to have a better ranking on Google to create organic traffic.
  • Your website needs to produce more revenue.
  • You’re looking to attract better clients.
  • Get more leverage on your market.

Hiring a firm to do search engine optimisation for your company’s website is one of the smartest decisions you have looked in to doing, but it can also be one of the most difficult – in finding the right one to hire.

We’re not just an SEO company, we’re more of a search engine marketing company. We understand search engine optimisation is worthless if it’s not producing new revenue or getting you a return on your investment. So, we create win/win situations for our clients to ensure that you get a positive ROI. All SEO companies should have this goal for you. But There’s a Catch, they don’t! Here are the top secrets you MUST know about SEO agencies.

Look Out for Low SEO Prices (Packages)

That’s any company using blanket low prices at £200 or £500 a month; they just don’t understand business very well. There are no two businesses alike and each business has its own financial goals that it would like to achieve. A local business that’s trying to capture a local market would NEVER be charged the same price as a national company going after a global market.

Stop and think about it, there’s no way you could believe that someone could earn your online business an additional 10, 15, £20,000 a month in revenue by charging a £125 a week. That’s actually less than a part time employee at Subway would earn.

Can they Rank Difficult Keywords?

Just because someone works in a computer field doesn’t mean they know search engine optimisation. The biggest mistake most business owners make is assuming that their web development team or their I.T guys knows something about SEO. 99% of them don’t have a clue! Web designing serves an important purpose but when it comes down to it they are architects.

Just because you have a petty looking website doesn’t mean that traffic is going to come to it. Much like opening up a shop and expecting it to be packed and busy on day one… it won’t happen. That’s why businesses pay “top dollar” to rent their premises in busy locations such as a city centre to get that traffic much like having your business placed in the top page of Google and having those customers and clients come to you instead of your competitors.

They Must Have an SEO Expert Working Full Time

There is absolutely no regulation on who can work on your website. So many of these people have other full time professions and they are trying to supplement their income doing SEO part time on the side by reading some books or going through a course that makes them think they are an expert. Anyone who has the ability to turn a business around and help them make another 10, 15 £20,000 a month is a very lucrative business and it isn’t one that’s going to be done part time. That’s not all…

Your SEO Should Not Be Outsourced to a Third Party

More than 60% of SEO companies outsource their work to third parties, and you have no idea who is doing the work on your website and if they are experts to do the work effectively. It’s always good to know who’s doing work on your website. We hope this was beneficial in helping you narrow down the most important steps in hiring the right SEO company to optimise your website for the search engines.

Would you like to find out more about our efficient yet brutally effective search engine marketing formula that’s transformed businesses?

You can fill out the form on our contact us page which can be reached by clicking the “Hire Us” button below this post. It’s simple and unobtrusive to help us know what your business is all about and get an idea of what you would like to accomplish. If you wish, you can call us on 028 9048 0257, this is not going to be a sales call where were going to be asking you for your first born. We are here to help.

Here’s the Deal! (What We Will Go Over)

  • Find out how much business you are losing out on by not being at the top of the search results for your market.
  • Learn what people are looking for and which of your competitors are in front of you.
  • Map out taking your business to page one of Google where we’re going to generate traffic and revenue for you.
  • How to strategically place your business and your marketing in front of your customers to help them solve their problems.
  • Using your website, videos and business listings to dominate the first page.
  • Will lay a 6-12 month strategy (depending on the strength of your website) down on how you can sit back and watch your business completely transform.

The Best Part?

There is no other SEO company that can provide this for you. If you feel like this is right for you and you would like to see your business flourish online and have a dramatic change then click on the “Hire Us” button and leave your details on the page and let’s get started. We look forward to talking to you on the other side.

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