Strong Calls to Action Can Boost Online Marketing Efforts

Posted on 29/6/2012 by VUDU
Strong Calls to Action Can Boost Online Marketing Efforts
A call to action is words or phrases which encourage your audience to take action. Effective calls to action (CTAs) will encourage response for your online marketing efforts and produce measureable results.

Convert More Leads with Effective Calls to Action

CTAs can be used in all types of marketing messages. A call to action provides focus to your site, is a way to measure your site’s success, and gives clear directions to your users.

How can you create compelling CTAs for your business in Northern Ireland? Here are some tips:

  • You only get a few seconds to convince and lure a prospect that he/she stands to gain by clicking on your link. An enticing catch-phrase like “We could save you 15% or more on home insurance” can do the trick!
  • It doesn’t help to be pushy while trying to get the customer to make a purchase. You need to offer a compelling reason to respond to your campaign. This usually means offering something for free, like a report, a gift, discounts, entry into a competition or a complementary service of some kind, depending on the nature of your business. For example, “Contact us today for our free report” is more compelling than “Contact us today!”
  • Be specific, concise and clear with the words on the action button or hyperlinked text, so that there’s no doubt in the visitor’s mind about what to expect when they click a button or link. For example, “Sign Up For Free”, “Get Your Copy Now” or “Start Creating Today”.
  • To create a sense of urgency, use phrases such as, “Offer expires June 30th”, “For a limited duration only”, or “Order now and receive a free gift”.
  • Every page of the website, each blog post or each page of text in a white paper should have some form of call to action that leads the user on. A call to action should not just be limited to your homepage.

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