10 Web Design Tips for Ecommerce Websites to Boost Sales

Posted on 12/6/2019 by VUDU
Many elements contribute to a successful eCommerce website: user experience, competitive pricing, promotional offers, shipping options… the list goes on. However, studies show that one element in particular is absolutely essential: good web design. This is true for a number of reasons.

The way your website is structured plays a major role in how users will navigate it and whether they’ll go where you want them to. In the same way, they’ll determine whether your company is professional and trustworthy by the way your website looks. With this in mind, here are 10 eCommerce-related web design tips to help you boost your sales.

1. Simplicity

When designing an eCommerce store, keep it simple. Your website should be free from pop-ups, banners, and other loud, intrusive elements.

2. High-Quality Images

Research shows that relevant images can increase conversions by over 40%. Having high quality, professional images goes a long way in making your customers feel confident about your products.

3. Colour Psychology

Successful eCommerce stores use certain colour palettes depending on how they want their customers to feel. Understanding the psychology behind colour will help you inspire different emotions and actions from your visitors.

4. Branding

Defining and establishing your brand is key to building trust with your potential customers. People won’t give their credit card information to a faceless online store, so be sure to make who you are clear to your visitors. Start by taking the time to define your brand, its vision, and what puts you above the competition.

5. Responsive Design

If you don’t already know, responsive design is extremely important, especially now that mobile has surpassed desktop as the most popular way to browse the web. Make sure your website design is fully responsive to accommodate a much wider audience of shoppers.

6. Scannable Content

Studies have found that users only read about 20% of the text on any webpage. Instead of spinning together long product descriptions, make your content short and easy to read through elements such as bullet points.

7. Social Proof

Testimonials and product reviews are another great way to build trust with your potential customers. Consider adding a rating section and prioritise those that are giving your products praise. For any negative reviews that pop up, provide a helpful response to alleviate the issue and show that your company cares about helping its customers.

8. Quick and Easy Checkout

If your checkout process is long and painful, your conversions will suffer. Focus on making your check process as fast and easy to understand as possible.

9. Stock Availability

Making it clear when your items are “out of stock” is useful for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it keeps your products on site for SEO and makes it clear to your customers that your product is currently unavailable.

10. Search Bar

The search bar is considered one of the most important elements of an eCommerce store. Make sure that yours is easily reachable at all times – it will help keep customers on your website for longer.

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