Brochure Website Design – What You Need to Know

Posted on 20/9/2021 by VUDU
Brochure Website Design

How would you describe memorable websites you've seen? Captivating, compelling, cruise-able, visual eye-candy and concise are a few words that bubble up for us. A brochure website design structure delivers the power you need to attract and engage visitors and keep them coming back to your site to learn more.

What is a Brochure Website?

Sometimes the name tells the story. A brochure website is a digital showcase of imagery and information that you could include in a printed brochure. But with a processing language platform like Laravel, your website transforms into an interactive, very engaging experience.

Visitors quickly move around your brochure website on any device. They can click through pages, zoom in on images, pinch sections to minimize, and close pop-ups after reading to get your contact details. You’ve showcased your products or services, let visitors explore your capabilities, and given them convenient options to connect with you.

With relevant copy that’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly, your brochure website will climb to the top of search results pages.

Why Choose a Brochure Web Design for Your Business?

The primary benefits of a brochure web design are substantial:

  • You’re building your company’s online presence.
  • You’re reaching a broad audience with relevant information about your offerings.
  • The structure of a brochure website makes an outstanding first impression.
  • Although brochure websites don't sell directly to your customers, they can produce a substantial ROI through lead generation, requests for quotes, or other connections. 

Experienced web designers, such as our team at Vudu Digital, can create a brochure website for small, mid-size, or large enterprises.

  • Lavarel is the ideal platform if you’re a small business owner with a limited budget. Brochure websites on Laravel provide a fast and economical solution for connecting with customers.
  • When your business starts to grow Laravel can provide a long shelf life by offering scalablity with minimal structural changes.
  • Copy and content will need to be refreshed occasionally to ensure your SEO is top-of-page.Copy and content will need to be refreshed occasionally to ensure your SEO is top-of-page.

What Does a Brochure Website look like?

An image is worth at least a thousand words, so we've assembled examples of brochure web designs across various industries. Each site represents a collaboration between the customer and the Vudu Digital Marketing team that produces a strategy, reflects company branding guidelines, and addresses customer information needs.

  • Bob Stewart’s Restaurant tells the story of this 400-year-old purveyor of food and drink, with mouth-watering imagery, access to menus, and links to make reservations.
  • The Deer’s Head Saloon showcases the longevity of this 136-year-old Belfast pub with beer and food menus, upcoming events, and brewery tours.
  • Cash for Cars Northern Ireland offers a concise, easy-to-use framework for vehicle valuations and selling support. 
  • Home Restaurant brings you right into this award-winning venue and shares updated menus of its fresh, local, and seasonal foods.

Are you ready to explore a brochure website that visually pops, works SEO magic, and is an exceptional experience for prospective customers? We'd value the opportunity to learn about your goals and partner on a brochure website that delivers remarkable results. Contact us, and we’ll find a convenient time to talk!

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