Looking for a Great Web Design? Remember, Cheap Is Not Always Best

Posted on 4/11/2015 by VUDU
In a perfect world, one in which all web designers possessed the same level of skill and experience, the cost of building a website would be the only factor you would have to consider.

However, because this is not the case, there are several factors your business should consider before choosing a web designer—and the cheapest is very rarely the best.

A portfolio highlighting recent experience should be a must when considering a web designer. So unless you want to roll the dice and take your chances as a company’s test subject, be sure to view several samples of the websites they have designed. Why is it important to see “several” samples? By viewing a company’s entire body of work, rather than just one or two samples, you can ensure they cater to a variety of business types. Companies whose portfolios merely highlight a singular format and structure may not be right for you. In other words, always make certain you are paying for a custom web design service rather than a cheap, cookie-cutter template.

Communication and response time is another important aspect to consider, one that is vital to the success of your website. During the selection phase, take note of a company’s preferred communication medium (e-mail, phone, fax, instant messaging, etc.) and how rapidly they respond to your inquiries. Remember, if communication is lacking during the selection phase, it may only get worse once hired.

Successful web designers should work according to a (written) contract, as opposed to a casual agreement. Make sure you get everything down in writing before selecting a web contractor, and never sign anything until you are 100% clear about what you are signing.

Other questions to ask when choosing a web design firm include: will they help you market your website once completed; can they provide references demonstrating customer satisfaction; are they able to meet all your needs; what is the projected turnaround time; etc.

After—and only after—you have considered all of the factors mentioned above should you inquire about the cost of the service. Of course, those that can meet and exceed all of your expectations may be a bit pricier than others, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with a true professional is often well worth the cost.

At Vudu, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, and our extensive experience, samples of work and client satisfaction rating truly speaks for itself. For the very best web design services in Belfast, please contact us today.

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