Integrating PPC and SEO can Boost Your Online Marketing Initiatives

Posted on 14/5/2012 by VUDU
The Internet is an extremely competitive place and while a number 1 organic ranking will certainly deliver a majority of clicks, it does not necessarily guarantee traffic from all searchers.

Well-optimized and successfully integrated SEO and PPC campaigns are a powerful combination. You can find the best PPC companies here.

Successful SEO + Well Managed PPC = Quality Traffic, for Your Website

Although your website may rank competitively in natural search, there is still additional traffic that can be gained by engaging in paid search. Here’s how to integrate both:

  • PPC campaigns are an efficient way to gain short-term visibility while awaiting the longer-term results of organic search.
  • It is very simple to first test keywords in a PPC campaign and then utilize the best performers in SEO. Marketers can further expand the integration to the copy and keyword phrases that compelled visitors to click on an ad or buy from a site.
  • Good PPC ad copy can be also be used as a great meta description and the best performing PPC headlines can be great page headers (H1 tags) and anchor text.
  • PPC’s targeting and measurability can also provide valuable SEO insight. Every PPC transaction is monitored and every landing page is constantly refined. By capturing this data, marketers can track the keywords that are driving conversions and cross reference them with SEO lists to identify areas that are missing exposure.
  • In many cases there may be some overlap, with the differences in conversion typically due to where users were in the conversion funnel at the time of their searches. Either way, integrating this data across both PPC and SEO programs will provide clues to the phrases and terms that are driving visitors to take positive action.

WSI Digital Web is a leading website design company in Belfast, Northern Ireland that can combine SEO and paid search to improve your online visibility.

Contact us today for more information on how to improve search engine rankings for your website in Northern Ireland.

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