What Is Conversion Architecture?

Posted on 2/11/2010 by VUDU
What Is Conversion Architecture?
Conversion Architecture is based on the principle that every website and web design, regardless of industry, should be targeted to a specific customer profile.

Our job as internet marketing consultants is to analyze your customers and come up with these customer profiles, based on consumer behavior and objectives, and integrate them into your website. The goal is for every element of your website to persuade visitors on your site to take the actions you want them to – which will lead to a conversion.

Many business owners have a hard time wrapping their head around the concept that your “average customer” does not, in fact, exist. It is necessary to take a closer look at your customer base and really analyze them using audience profiling, segmented needs analysis, and other tools to increase the number and quality of your sales leads. Otherwise, by focusing on everyone, your site may not appeal to anyone.

The next step is to monitor and measure your results. Look at every click on your website as a step towards conversion. You want your visitors to build confidence in your site with every click, until they finally convert into a customer.

Every company uses different Internet marketing methods like pay per click advertising, custom landing pages, social media, and many others. But no matter what your Internet marketing mix looks like, your website is your primary marketing vehicle and your Internet marketing strategy begins and ends there. Conversion Architecture™ is an invaluable step in solidifying this important building block of your marketing plan.

At Vudu, we specialize in Conversion Architecture™  to help you reap enhanced Internet profitability.

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